Daying Ering Wildlife Sanctuary

Named after the famed Indian politician, Daying Ering Wildlife Sanctuary is a prominent destination for eco-tourism in India. The sanctuary becomes home to migratory birds during the winter season and shelters species of birds from Siberia and Mongolia.
Spanning in an area of around 190 sq kms, Daying Ering Sanctuary is fringed by Siang River in three directions and has grasslands and wooded area. The The grassy and forested area of the sanctuary is home wild buffalo, deer, elephants and certain other rainforest species and serves as shelter for migratory birds in the winter months. Whereas, the dense wooded area is inhabited by animals like leopard, leopard cat, barking deer, civet cat, sambar, jackal, wild boar, python, and porcupine. The migratory birds like cranes, wild ducks, storks, waterfowls from Siberia and Mongolia can be spotted in the park between September and February every year.

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