Dibang Wildlife Sanctuary

The Dibang wildlife sanctuary is one of the eight wildlife sanctuaries and it is located nearby Anini district, Arunachal Pradesh. This wildlife attraction in Arunachal is endowed with various species like mishmi takin, red goral, musk deer, red panda, asiatic black bear, tiger, gongshan muntjac, sclater’s monal and blyth’s tragopan. Serving as a home to various flora and fauna, this sanctuary is one of the major tourist attraction and popular bio-diversity hotspots.
Dibang wildlife sanctuary is one of the major biodiversity places and it houses unique species of flora and fauna. This must visit attraction in Arunachal Pradesh blooms with abundant natural beauty resulting it as a perfect placeto visit for wildlife tours and nature safari. Dibang wildlife sanctuary nestles amidst the dramatic mountains, snow covered peaks, deep gorges, dense forests and shimmering rivers which ultimately gives an inviting feeling to the visitors. And this wildlife sanctuary in Arunachal houses rare species such as mishmi takin, asiatic black bear, tigers, gongshan muntjac, red panda, red goral and musk deer which are of at least two species.
Dibang also houses rare birds like sclater’s monal and blyth’s tragopan. Besides, a flying squirrel has also been seen around the sanctuary a couple of times and it has been named as Mishmi hills giant flying squirrel. Dibang wildlife sanctuary in Arunachal Pradesh is unique and one of its kind. Laying in an altitude of about 5000 meter it also houses snow leopards and clouded leopard in the zone, now this is a definite must visit wildlife sanctuary. With the vegetation of temperate and alpine type you can notice variety of flora. In the wildlife reserve you will be able to see plants like rhododendron nivals, sedum, saxifraga, rthomaonii, saussaurea, arenaria, pheum etc.

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