Eagle’s Nest Wildlife Sanctuary

Located in the West Kameng District, Eagle’s Nest Sanctuary is the perfect birdwatching spot. Spread in an area of 218 sq km, the sanctuary is home to 400 species of birds including 4 types of Hornbills, 3 types of Tragopan species; and 6 types of Parrotbill species. It is also a safe shelter for 15 species of mammals including tiger.
Eagle’s Nest Sanctuary has an elevation ranging between 500 – 3500 m. It is quite a picturesque wildlife sanctuary with lofty hills, scenic valleys and the sparkling river like Kameng adding to its charm. The sanctuary conjoins Sessa Orchid Sanctuary to the northeast and Pakhui Tiger Reserve to the east and makes an ideal birding destination with around 454 birds species, 34 species of amphibians, 24 species of snakes, 7 species of lizards, and 165 species of butterflies. The major birds here include Old World flycatchers, hornbills, warblers and thrushes. The mammal species of endangered capped langur, Bengal tiger, Asian elephant, red panda, Asiatic black bear and the vulnerable, Arunachal macaque and gaur can also be spotted with butterflies species like Bhutan glory, grey admiral, scarce red-forester, dusky labyrinth, tigerbrown, jungle-queen sp, white-edged bush-brown, and white owl.

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