Mouling National Park

The richness of flora and fauna certainly spellbinds the Mouling National Park in Arunachal. With an attraction that is well kept afar from the crowded population around its borders; Mouling National Park has a success for keeping it untouched by human activities. This must visit national park houses species such as serow, takin, goral, Bengal tiger, Indian leopard, barking deer and red panda.
Mouling National Park is one of the most intriguing parks mainly because of it unique flora and fauna. The park has been named after the nearby Mouling peak which means red poison or red blood. It is said that, the Mouling hill produces a poisonous plant which is found in the Mouling area only. Besides, the National Park in Arunachal Pradesh is a beautiful place to go on a wildlife holiday and Mouling National Park has been recognized as one of the 18 biodiversity hotspots. The park covers an area of about 483 km and giving it a rugged terrain with an altitudinal range of 750 to 3064 m.
When you visit Mouling National Park you will get a chance to see various species of mammals like Coral, Takin, Serow, Tiger, Wild buffalo, Panther, Elephant, Red panda, Hog deer, Barking deer, Hoolock gibbon, Sambar, etc and various species of birds like White-winged Wood Duck, Monal Pheasants, Tragopan, Giant Hornbill, Owl, Forest Eagle, Snowy throated babblers, Chakma, Green cochoa, Peafowl, Assam Bamboo Partridge, Fairy Bluebird etc; including reptiles such as Indian Python, King Cobra, Reticulated Python, Monitor lizard etc. Mouling is a definite must visit national park with the forest of moist temperate and tropical type you can notice a variety of flora like gnetum, magnolia, cyathea, griffithii etc.

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